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Our AC went out and we called the company that we got the system from since it was under warranty for parts. They tried charging $1600 for "labor and services" as well as saying other parts were "bad" too and were trying to "fix the problem" for 5 hours and strongly suggesting I purchase a whole new Unit (ours is only 5 1/2 years old). I had a gut feeling they were trying to scam me. My friend recommended this company and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!! They were out to the house quickly and was able to fix the problem in 30 minutes. Also told me the multiple parts the 1st company was trying to charge to replace was perfectly fine and functioning. If you want an AC company that has prompt and knowledgeable service that's not going to scam you call these guys! If you can get Chris he's the bomb! Thanks for fixing the AC without trying to sell me a new unit!!! You have a new customer for life and I'll definitely be sending your names to my friends!

Jennifer Kovir

At the recommendation of a friend, I called Air Solutions Heating and Air Conditioning to repair my unit. They set up an appointment with a couple hour window on the same day while I was out on the road. I arrived at the end of the window to a cooling unit and a happy bride! She was amazed at how fast they got it going, and even brought the parts with them after I explained what it was doing. The part was probably expensive but it was covered under the manufacturer warranty. The installer who originally put the unit in no longer did residential units.Air Solutions labor cost was extremely reasonable, without question! Thank you Air Solutions for coming to the rescue!!

William Mizell

A family member referred Air Solutions to us for our duct work. They were very reasonably priced and did a great job. They stayed late to get the job done so my family wouldn't be inconvenienced. I would definitely use them again.

Maria Sudduth

This company is a blessing! The ladies in the office are knowledgeable, kind, and responsive. I had an issue with my moms AC filters as it is not a standard size. These ladies were able to get the filter material and cut it to size! Thank Christy, Vanessa & the entire Air Solutions team!

Teriea Sato

I have used Air Solutions for years. They are very professional, courteous, do the work and clean up behind themselves. There's no way I choose anybody else. They are a 5 Star company.

Lauretta Telles

Air Solutions installed our HVAC system in our commercial building back in 2002. In the thirteen years since, they have always been fair, responsive, and professional anytime we have needed service. I would HIGHLY recommend them!

David Tyson

We ran across Air Solutions since 2014, and have had the greatest experience since then!
JD, Technician, Air Solutions in Jacksonville Florida; Greatest guy!! I’ve had some surgeries and haven’t been able to do some landscaping. He went to his truck and low and behold, this boy cleared the “Florida Weed” Boganvailia scrub (x3 it refuses to die) so he could finish the semiannual Serv/agreemt!! JD 🙏🕊

Debra Winn

Best service. Clean and very prompt. I don’t let anyone else work on my HVAC.

Cup Cake

Great people - great company!

Carolyn Dixon

Great service. Good for Residential and Commercial.

Shyam Paryani

Very friendly!! And got the job done quickly!!

Cassandra Seymour

Highly recommend!!!! Prompt, professional, courteous, and fair.

Patricia Richardson

They are very Professional and Timely.


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